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Nic Hayes – Dynamic Business

Managing Director, Media Stable

Let’s Talk publicity: Choosing between PR agencies and DIY public relations

Nic Hayes, Managing Director, Media Stable

“Generating publicity isn’t rocket science but it’s amazing how many PR agencies fail to even scratch the ‘publicity surface’.

“Publicity is never about you or your product, it’s all about the audience of that media. If you can master the art of storytelling and pitching to a media’s audience, you’re on your way to generating meaningful publicity. Of course, you’ll need help and support, you need relationships, connections, and guidance from those that know.

“Generating real publicity is an investment, not an expense.

“A connected PR professional can be invaluable for telling your story or positioning your expertise. Quality communicators with connections certainly come at a price, and you need to do your research on engaging the right PR. If budget is a concern, the platform I represent works with small to large businesses that want to engage with media for a fraction of the cost. The media engagement managers at Media Stable are journalists and producers themselves so they prepare, write, and pitch to the media and intrinsically understand the way media wants stories delivered.

“Good communications should always be in the hands of those with strong media relationships and a successful record.”