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Merinda Garrett – LAFM

Co-Founder, The Soulfull Home

Meditation connects us to the mindful observation of our thoughts and emotions. It grounds us when we feel adrift and calms our monkey mind. If we’re listening, meditation reminds us that our body holds the key to unlock our most authentic selves, as we navigate the natural rhythm of life. Our body talks to us all the time. How? 1. An odd sensation in your belly when you feel unsure. 2. A shoulder dropping sigh when you make a good decision. 3. Hairs standing on end when something feels awry. 4. Hesitation to act when your mind tells you to go. Our intuition, 6th sense, body wisdom, subtle body… can process the situation at hand, often before our mind has a chance to catch up. All we need is to meditate 5 minutes a day. Really…that’s all we need to start. Merinda Garrett who is a Interior Architect, Thought Leader and Co-Founder of The SoulFull Home joined me on The Drive Home to discuss this topic.