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Media Stable FAQs

What is Media Stable’s business model? How do you make money?
Media Stable is free to the media and an annual subscription for experts to access the media platform and use our media support services. It is a low-cost service in comparison to a PR business model and it allows business owners to be in control of their messages.

Can you give me any guarantees that if I join Media Stable I am going to get media engagement?
There are no guarantees with anything in media unless you are paying for it in the form of advertorial or advertising. If anyone gives you guarantees you should question how they plan to do this. We do assure you if you follow our guidance that you will maximise your chances of getting the desired breakthrough in the media.

How far does your content reach?
We produce a daily feed of content matched with experts called Media Board, and this reaches over 480 media personnel across the country. The amount of media engagement with the Media Board continues to grow as resources within media continue to be stretched, and journalists and producers search for ways to find the experts they need, with fewer resources.

Can I work with you and my PR company?
Yes indeed. Media Stable works very well with PR and marketing firms around the country. In fact we like that you have someone supporting you with content production and messaging. We are not in competition with any PR or marketing firms, in fact we are a great ally.

Do you need to have media experience to be a part of Media Stable?
No, but it does help! We work with seasoned veterans and amateurs and we will always make sure that you are ready and confident to work with all media. As you grow with experience this is documented on your Media Stable profile.

Does the media contact me directly or do they go through you?
Media will always contact you directly unless the media has approached us for your expertise. In most cases we don’t even know that you have been approached unless you let us know.

Does Media Stable benefit from any media engagement that takes place?
No, media engagement is not paid for, charged or invoiced. The Media Stable member pays an annual subscription to access the Media Stable platform and there are no hidden costs on top of this.

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