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Media releases and the role of PR in question today

Many in the world of media argue the use of media releases and the role of public relations in the delivery of communications these days. They have both been questioned, as the volume of content increases and the human resources within traditional media have decreased.

But while many in the industry argue that PR and media releases have become redundant, in truth both are critically important now, when used and executed effectively and in the way media wants to use them. Recently Media Stable conducted a survey across radio, television, print and online media services. With over 150 media personnel polled, an overwhelming amount of media still used media releases at least moderately throughout the working week.

While the usage rates were high, there was also a lot of disdain and critical comments around media releases. They said when releases come from amateurs or authors with no regard for the media they were targeting, media releases became ineffective for Brand.

The most interesting finding though, was that a media release was not enough. A trusted relationship was required, an understanding of audience, and a value-add proposition needed to be delivered to the audience of the media. This trusted relationship “doesn’t have to be a courtship, it is a transaction” as described by ABC and Constant Investor Alan Kohler.

A good PR is essential for developing strong messaging, the call-to-action and the storytelling narrative to take to media. The biggest complaint coming from media is the failure of media releases to get to the point. There are too many words before the hook or the real story is told. This needs to be done well and help from a professional PR is needed. What is the definition of a good PR? One who has a relationship with media in your sector, one who understands the industry, and one who can pitch your business to anyone.

A great PR will also work with their client and use communication platforms that work. Media Stable has developed useful relationships with PR agencies around the country, benefiting their clients through presentation of their content on the Media Board as a platform. It’s a win-win situation. The client gets results and the PR agency gets the kudos for the success.

The really pleasing finding was that the media still had a very strong appetite to do the work themselves. 12% said they liked Ready Made Packages (RMPs) – little for the media to do, but the majority liked to still have their own influence and thumbprint on the story. Platforms like Media Stable’s Media Board are a smorgasbord of stories and content matched with experts is the right amount of content to spark interest in multiple media platforms.Media can take the stories where they want to go with them. The expert is contacted directly about their content and the media developed the story with them.

When you’re trying to get media traction, it is important to have the right advice, the right support, and the right service provider. It can be extremely costly and heartbreaking to invest in the wrong media partner. Media Stable can refer the right media and communications businesses around the country. When you are looking to appoint a public relations company, drop us a note first. We can help you make the right decision.

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