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Making magic happen at #MeetTheMedia Melbourne and Sydney

Our #MeetTheMedia programs for Melbourne and Sydney are done and dusted for 2023, and they didn’t disappoint.

These two events were a long time in the making after twice being cancelled due to Covid, and like many events that resumed since the pandemic abated, there was a sense of relief and excitement that came with the opportunity to connect again in person.

The need to connect and engage is equally as strong for the media, as it is for those who are looking to make an impact in the media. These events really are a win-win for all who attend.

So, what’s changed in the media landscape since the last in-person #MeetTheMedia events?

One overarching message from the media in both Sydney and Melbourne was that trust, connections and relationships are key to making an impact. There was also advice shared about humanising our pitches, releases and storytelling.

Targeted pitching was highly regarded by the media. Like all of us, they want to feel special and get a story that’s ‘exclusive’ – not something that’s been scattergun pitched to every media outlet in town.

The clear messaging for the 190 attendees from Media Stable and sponsor Medianet is that it takes time and effort to make yourself known to media and become a trusted source. The media does have an appetite to get to know you, is always looking for good content and wants to share your story, but it has to match the brief of their publication, show or programme.

The reality is, sometimes direct pitches don’t land and that’s where we use the Media Board to distribute your ideas to 600+ industry subscribers, because your story will always resonate with someone. The Media Board is highly regarded by media because it makes their jobs easy, giving them direct access to experts they can create content with. It’s gold, the media love it and it’s a big part of what we do at Media Stable.

Effort and hard work goes a long way with media; understand their audiences, read their publications, listen to their programs. The more you understand the media cycle, and the media’s needs, the easier it will be for them to connect with you and tell your story.

These personal connections are priceless, both for experts and the media and its these relationships that we nurture every day at Media Stable.

It’s the reason why we just celebrated our 10th birthday as a business, and will continue to celebrate connecting experts and the media for years to come.

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