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Swipe left: Why women are becoming increasingly selective

…Perth matchmaker and dating coach Louanne Ward said women no longer need a mate, what they really want is a soul mate.

She said the search criteria for a partner has changed.

“We used to marry for function, for security to raise a family, love was optional,” she said.

“Now women aren’t afraid to be on their own, have a baby on their own or provide for themselves financially, so it makes sense that we are also more selective about whom we have a relationship with.”

Ward agrees men need to brush up their communication skills stating the attitude that people just have to accept you for who you are has no place in the modern dating landscape.

“I know loneliness, FOMO, and past hurts can all greatly impact general wellbeing, but if men brushed up on their relationship skills and women placed less importance on the small details, there wouldn’t be such a big disconnect,” she said.

“As much as I don’t suggest settling, I also don’t suggest holding out for perfection.”

Ward said the dating game was so called for a reason, it was a game, and should be treated as such.

“Dating competition is fierce, and the more you bring to the table, the better your outcome will be.”

As for men being lonely, Thomas agrees.

“The answer to that is to encourage boys and men to put work into their relationships – friendships, romantic relationships and family,” she said.

“Many men have ‘had their cake and eaten it too’ – the family, career, friends and success – without having to do the ‘social work’ that women have had to do.

“Often their wives cultivated and maintained their friendships. They need to step up now.”