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A syndicate of 55 women who go to the same gym have won the mega $80 million jackpot in Thursday nights Powerball draw, each taking home around $1.5 million.

The win is the largest in Western Australia history, eclipsing the $50 million won in 2015.

Remarkably, Lorna, one of the members of the syndicate, was also the 2021 winner of the John Hughes Rumour File for revealing that a service was no longer going to be funded through veteran’s affairs.

“At the gym a couple of days ago our leading light lady that runs the gym said ‘I think we should put in for Powerball, come on! $5 each’,” she said on 6PR Breakfast.

“And I scraped a couple of coins together out of my parking ticket money, and ran back in and said ‘oh, I just scraped that $5’ she said ‘right, you’re in, you’re on the list’.

“And they had their Christmas party last night … but I couldn’t go … so I came home late, popped into bed, checked my phone and I had all these missed calls … so I rang them back, and I said ‘I hope you’re ringing to tell me we’ve won Powerball’ and she said ‘yeah, we have!’”