Latest Experts

Stephen Morrison – WAToday

– Justice & Community Manager, Goldfields at HOPE Community Services

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Dan Jovevski – Capital Brief

– CEO of WeMoney

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Chris Zeiher – Studio 10

– Spokesperson, Lonely Planet

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Anton Guinea – Gladstone Observer, 7 News Central Queensland, ABC Radio, NT Radio

– Safety Leadership Expert

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Dr Michela Sorensen – Nine Honey

– Doctor

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John McAlister

– Managing Director, McAlister & Associates

Julia Casey

– Head of Marketing, Iron Mountain

Aly Garrett

– Founder, All In Advisory, Tourism & Cloud Expert

Kathy Kopellis McLeod

– Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Mark Allen

– Corporate & Commercial Lawyer

Kelly Jones

– Director / Licensee, Jones & Co Real Estate

Trent Fleskens

– Buyer’s Agent, Property Commentator

Merinda Garrett

– Interior Architect, Thought Leader, Co-Founder – The SoulFull Home

Dr Alan Le

– Chiropractor

Dr Arun Dhir

– Gastro Intestinal & Weight Loss Surgeon

Claire Bibby

– COO & Senior Lawyer, Speaker, Author & Advocate

Elizabeth Mucci

– Integrative women’s health and fertility expert

Lauren Kress

– Business & Marketing Consultant

Stephen Johnson

– Automotive Dealership Management Specialist

Sadhana Smiles

– CEO Property Management, Harcourts Australia

Emily Jaksch

– Keynote Speaker, Millennial Expert & People & Leadership Coach

Owen Watson

– Director, Brick Pig Coaching

Nick Mann

– Founder and Principal, Polaris Lawyers

Cliff Chalon

– Managing Director, Chalon Performance Consultants

Tania Cecconi

– Executive Director, CEOs for Gender Equity

Alfred Ablaza

– Authority on Operational Performance through People Engagement

Amanda Walker

– Director, WA Homestay

Cameron Norsworthy

– CEO, The Flow Centre

Samantha Jackson

– Health Coach

Catriona MacDiarmid

– Environmental Property Specialist

Thibaut Mortier

– Managing Director, Maxiblock sunscreen

Gordon Jenkins

– The Visible Guy (Networking)

Anthony Mitchell

– Global Organisational Change & Transformational Leadership Specialist

Georgina McEncroe

– CEO, Shebah (female ride share)

Anthony McIntosh

– CEO, Little Athletics Victoria

Bec Brideson

– The Female Economy specialist

Sultan Linjawi

– Diabetes specialist, consultant physician and online educator

Brenton Baker

– CEO, Empower ICT

Sean Rooney

– CEO, Leading Age Services Australia

Bruce Rosengarten

– Director, International Ideas

Aaron Kanters

– Managing Director, The Digital Broker Australia

Nicholas Marouchak

– Director, MKI Legal (Employment Lawyer)

Dr Sasha Rutnam

– Dental Surgeon

Leeann Rayner

– Operations Manager, Apprenticeships Matter

Matthew Hughes

– Managing Director, Capital Property Advisory

Elliot Epstein

– Sales expert

Brooke Arnott

– Managing Director, The Small Business Lounge

Tony Bonanno

– Sales Behaviourist, Mentor & Trainer

Renee Brown

– Professional Matchmaker / Date Coach

Neryl East

– Expert on media, credibility and reputation

Gihan Perera

– Business Futurist

Shannon Davies

– Property Lawyer, Stork Davies

Paul Hunt

– Managing Director, Moisson Lawyers

Alicia Edge

– Advanced Sports Dietitian

Andrew Bycroft

– CEO, International Cyber Resilience Institute

Maree Gooch

– Director, Belay Consulting

Samantha Reece

– Commentator on property trends, Property ESP

Geoff Hucker

– Founder, Beyond the Orpanage

Steve Meerwald

– CEO & Managing Director, Harmony Agricultural & Food Company

Paul Cheverall

– Managing Director, Home Builders Advantage

Paul Allen

– Leading Authority on Supplier Margin

Shane Wallace

– CEO and Co-Founder of WorkApp

Margherita Larné-Jones

– Managing Director, Culture Capital

Amanda Paton

– Clinical Psychologist

Rich Gilmore

– Director, The Nature Conservancy

Sally Thibault

– Life Strategist & Success Coach

Gavin Bain

– CEO, Meerkats

Ryan Boulton

– Founder & Managing Director, Nicovape

Tony Pritchett

– CEO, Plunkett Homes

Lanna Hill

– Director – One Small Step Business Coaching

Cara Little

– Pharmacist and Director of Pure Home Body

Brett Lee

– Cyber Safety Consultant and Author

Rosemary McCallum

– Human Development

Mark LeBusque

– Chief Purposeful Provocateur, Author, Human.

Simone Allan

– Founder & Director of Mondo Search

David Gribble

– CEO, Constable Care Child Safety Foundation

Nick Fennessy

– Managing Director, Scotford Fennessy

David Nixon

– Board & Executive Advisor and Facilitator

John “The Rev” McMahon

– Motivational Speaker (Youth), Motov8

Omar de Silva

– Co-founder, Plato Project

Andrew Sanders

– General Manager – Trades & Labour, Scotford Fennessy

Emilio De Stefano

– Business Consultant, Entrepreneur & Engineer

Aden Michielsen

– Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Educator

Laura Smyth

– Director, The Beauty Agency

Michelle Lawson

– CEO at Blamey Saunders hears

Jordana Borensztajn

– Public Speaking Expert and Social Media Trainer

Oscar Trimboli

– Executive Coach (Deep Listening)

Ming Johanson

– CEO – Ming Johanson & Urban Unicorns

Brenda Keane

– Designer & Founder, Be Keane Healthy and Fit

Ashleigh Alsadie

– Founder, The PromoDonna

Dr Bailey Bosch

– Psychologist

Anneke van den broek

– CEO & Founder of Rufus & Coco Pty Ltd

Attila Danko

– Medical Director, Nicovape

Brian Innes

– Managing Director, Redback Energy

Cynthia Wright

– Founder, Regions of Africa

Louise Forster

– Head of Brand and People at Chorus

Dan Minchin

– Chief Executive Officer, Chorus

Meg Coffey

– Digital Marketing Strategist

Philippa Smit

– Global Leadership Expert / Flexible Work Advocate

Julie Adams

– Specialist Cancer Services Pharmacist & Co-owner, Chemo@ Home

Lorna Cook

– Registered Nurse & Co-owner, Chemo@Home

Rowena Lynch

– Owner, Picnics by Design

Mark Sinclair

– Managing Director, Realestimations

Lance Picioane

– CEO, Love Me Love You

Alexandra Andre

– Professional Speaker & Marketing Energizer

Brooke Vulinovich

– Social Media Trainer

Suzzanne Laidlow

– Business Coach and Entrepreneurs Mentor

Debbie Rivers

– Dating/Relationship Expert, Dare2Date

Sarah Cornally

– Executive Consultant

Kylie Platt

– Executive Director and Co-Founder, The Local Loan Company

Sam Aziz

– Mayor Emeritus

Lisa Irving

– Clinical Psychologist

Kelly Donougher

– Interior Designer & Stylist

Lisa Evans

– Director, Speaking Savvy

Graeme Cowan

– Mental Health & Resilience Authority

Viona Young

– Employee branding and advocacy

Cal Doggett

– Property Investor, Properties & Pathways

Dan Hewitt

– Financial Advisor, Financial Framework

Josh Masters

– Property Investment Expert & Buyers Agent, Buyside Buyers Agency

Tamara Cook

– Director and Senior Events Consultant, Known Associates Events

Chantal Togany

– Personal Brand & Image Specialist | Mrs Australia International 2018

Jason Featherby

– Financial Advisor, Knight Financial Advisors

Rochelle Masters

– Clinical Psychologist

Thomas Jreige

– Cyber Security Specialist

Josh Masters

– Buyers Agent, Buyside

Jamie & Roisin

– CoFounders, The Kids Coach

Kajal Pala

– Co-Founder & CEO, Dreamcity

Caroline McMahon

– Baby Sleep Specialist / Midwife

Ramiz Boulos

– CEO, Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals

James Symons

– CEO, LocknCharge

Sharron Attwood

– Founder, Brand Ettiquite

Megan Del Borrello

– Director of Gloss Marketing Communications and Behind the Brands

Megan Del Borrello, Director of Gloss Marketing Communications and Behind the Brands has over 15 years marketing experience, specialising in social media and marketing strategy for small to medium enterprise.

Chris Zeiher

– Lonely Planet’s Media Spokesperson and Sales & Marketing Director (APAC)

Chris Zeiher is APAC Media Spokesperson and Sales & Marketing Director for Lonely Planet – the world’s leading guidebook publisher and travel authority. A passionate traveller, avid reader and publishing advocate, Chris can provide expert comment and advice for travel and business media.

Tracey Loubser

– Queen of Cashflow – Financial Performance Consultant to SME’s

Tracey Loubser has been dubbed the Queen of Cash Flow! Through her multi-award winning business, Confident Cashflows, Tracey has helped many business owners achieve higher profits & improve their cash flow.

Laynton & Adrian

– Co-Founders & Directors of KidsCo Australia

Peter Moroney

– Co-Founder, Nemesis Consultancy Group

Andrew Connole

– Founder & Director, Sonoma Baking Company

Shelley Thomson

– Patient Experience Consultant

Sara Hall

– Professional Organiser and Personal Concierge from

Sara taught herself how to live a clutter free organised life and has spent over 10 years helping others achieve the same. Whether it’s mind or physical clutter, Sara has a love of connecting and helping time-poor people with their ‘life admin’.

Nicole Reaney

– Director of InsideOut Public Relations

Nicole has almost 20 years’ experience in corporate and consumer PR and Communications and is a leading industry media commentator across business, trade and consumer media. She is also founder of blogger management agency #AsSeenOn

Mahmood Hussein

– CEO – Global Drone Solutions

Mahmood is a seasoned senior executive, leader, strategist & CASA certified drone pilot. He is the CEO of Global Drone Solutions, a certified remote piloted aircraft system operator and certified drone pilot training organisation. Mahmood is one of the most experienced and respected individuals in the drone industry and is the perfect commentator on the drone industry.

Alice Mabin

– Photographer, author and entrepreneur

Al loves crafting the untold stories of people connected to the land, those who risk everything to grow and transport the food that sustains our nation. She tells amazing true-life stories of unsung heroes across Australia, creating nostalgia through photography, videography and books.

Dr April Armstrong

– Doctor

Greg Allan

– Electrician & Electrical Business Coach

Dean Carlton

– Digital Strategic Advisor at Global Village Transformations

Luke Lucas & Chrissy Glentis

– Managing Partners at Foddies

Darren Stevenson

– Managing Director, Extend After School Care & childcare expert

Darren is a passionate educator with a desire to provide Australia’s best quality childcare for primary school aged children, and give them all the opportunities kids should have. He is extremely knowledgeable about childcare funding, budgets, child safety, pricing, government regulations, staff qualifications, and all other areas of school aged childcare in Australia.

Simon Miraudo

– Editor at Student Edge

Alexandra Lyons

– Co-owner & Creative Director, Ankalia Textiles

Tim Dean

– Founder,

Bronte Price

– Civil Celebrant

Ky Furneaux

– Stunt Performer, Survival Expert, Author, TV Host, speaker.

Ky is an award-winning international stunt performer who has appeared in over 50 films and TV productions. She is also an experienced outdoor guide, specialising in extreme survival and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, sailing and mountaineering. She runs team building events and leadership programs aimed at goal setting and triumphing over adversity.

Christophe Barriere-Varju

– Motorcycling Expert, Documentary maker and Speaker

Christophe Barriere-Varju grew up competing in Motocross and became a legend of one of the toughest challenges in motorsport, the Dakar Rally – which has been immortalised in the inspiring, award winning film Dream Racer. He is a fascinating speaker with a unique perspective, linking our mental, physical, emotional performance with the business world. Christophe can also speak about motor-cycling issues and safety.

Judy Cheung-Wood

– Acne, skincare expert, inventor and Entrepreneur

Judy Cheung-Wood is the founder and managing director of SkinB5 – an innovative and natural way of fighting acne at its core using Vitamin B5 and other powerful skin health nutrients. Judy began developing her treatments in 2006, in a bid to help herself and other acne sufferers regain confidence with clear and naturally healthy skin. Judy can speak broadly about skincare and especially  the causes of acne, adult acne, teenage acne and how to treat acne through nutritional supplements.

Jac Dohrmann

– Fashion Stylist

Jac is a Fashion Stylist, specialising in Personal Styling. She offers tailored styling solutions, really understanding her client’s needs and helping them achieve their desired outcome.

Julia Schortinghuis

– Financial Planner

Julia is a financial planning professional with experience in providing holistic financial advice. Seeing her role primarily as a financial coach – she is passionate about encouraging more Australian’s to seek advice as a means to support their overall health and well being. Having worked across the financial spectrum from banking, stockbroking, funds management and now financial planning, Julia is the perfect commentator and adviser on all things finance.

Rose De Rossi

– Finance Broker and Director at Diversifi

Rose is an experienced finance expert and a Director at Diversifi Finance Brokers. She enjoys being able to assist home owners and buyers to achieve their financial dreams. Rose specialises in Residential loans, Investment loans and Reverse mortgages.

Tony Nicholls

– Principal Consultant at Good Talent Public Relations

Tony Nicholls is a dedicated Public Relations professional with 13 years’ experience telling stories in the digital and broadcast media spaces. Tony is qualified to speak on all areas of media, public relations and crisis media management. He is currently the Principal Consultant at Good Talent PR and as a journalist has previously held roles over the last ten years with the ABC, SBS and Network Ten, covering thousands of news stories across Victoria, Australia and in the international media.