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Lanna Hill – 6PR

Director, One Small Step Business Coaching

Managing cash flow is one of the most important and challenging aspects of running a business, big or small. Too many Australian small businesses fail because of poor cash flow, and host Scott Haywood wants to help. Chris and Peter share tips on how to maximise cash flow in 2019 and beyond.
Recently, the Australian government announced that the federal parliament had been hacked by a sophisticated state actor, and that’s even with the might and power of the Australian Signals Directorate at their defence! Everybody must prioritise cyber safety, be it the federal parliament or your small business. Chris Gatford from Hacktive identifies the three biggest cybersecurity threats facing Aussie small businesses and shares tips on how to bolster your defences.
How do you communicate a price rise to your customers? That’s the questioned posed in this week’s Workwise segment, inspired by Woolworths’ recent decision to increase the price of a household staple, milk. Lanna Hill from One Small Step Business Coaching shares tips on the right way to let your customers know that the price of an item or service is increasing.
Not too long ago, juice was limited to two options: apple or orange. Look at the juice aisle today and you’ll see an endless array of flavours, from pressed carrot top with cloudy apple to leafy greens. Emma and Tom’s ‘look after yourself’ philosophy helped them rise to become a major player in the juice game, and Peter Switzer analyses their growth.

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