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Ky Furneaux – Talking Lifestyle

Stunt Performer & Survival Expert

We learned recently of a remarkable tale of survival where a young man walked for over 60 hours and around 140 km after crashing his car in the Northen Territory. 

21-year-old Thomas Mason rolled his car as he swerved to avoid a herd of camels way out in the desert, near the NT/SA border. He wasn’t hurt, but he then had to walk 140 kilometres and had to drink his own urine to survive.

So, what are some survival tips if we were to find ourselves in the same position? What are the do’s and don’t that can be the difference between survival and death?

Ky Furneaux is basically Australia’s answer to Bear Grylls, who most recently participated in Discovery’s survival show “Naked and Afraid” in Louisiana.

Ky says it is widely accepted that you can survive for three days without drinking any water.