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Murrayfield Airport to unveil FlyOnE electric aviation charge node

Murrayfield Airport will host an electric aviation charge node by FlyOnE. Picture supplied.

Royal Aero Club of WA’s annual Murrayfield Airport open day event on October 8 will feature an Australian aviation first, with the official opening of a FlyOnE electric aviation charge node.

The monumental addition will create the first aviation charge network between Murrayfield and Jandakot Airport, and allow for electric aircrafts to be charged locally in Peel.

FlyOnE founder Korum Ellis said advances in electric aviation had the potential to make monumental changes to both the accessibility and environmental impact on aviation.

“It takes time to transition from old ways to new ways,” Mr Ellis said.

“That’s what I’m pushing for – finding the best ways to help more flight schools to adopt electric aviation, starting with close metro and regional airports.”

He said that similarly to electric cars, if there was nowhere to drive and charge, it was a hard sell.

“That’s why this charge node we’re officially opening is such an important milestone.”

Mr Ellis said he wanted the projects he worked on to make an impact or change, and that making some part of the world smarter, greener, more efficient or “lowering the barrier of opportunity” was his ultimate goal.

This would act in conjunction with a rollout of metro and regional electric air taxi services Australia wide.