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Kim Seeling Smith – 3AW

Future of Work Expert, Workplace Trend Translator, Leadership Expert & Founder and CEO, Ignite Global

The staggering number of job changes today’s kids are expected to have.

The children of today will switch jobs an average of 18 times in their lifetime, a new report reveals.

The Investing in Education Report, commissioned by Futurity Investment Group, found two-in-three kids are worried about being stuck in a dead-end job and not having enough money to live comfortably.

Future of work expert, Kim Seeling Smith, says the number of job changes a person has throughout their life has been increasing steadily for 20 years.

“When you think about it, jobs are changing,” Ms Seeling Smith said.

“People really want to do work that’s meaningful to them and that they’re no longer willing to stay in a dead-end job.”