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Kelly Crossley – WA Today

Director – Transitainer WA – International Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers

WA warned to shop for Christmas early as shipping shortages stall stock.

…International supply chain expert Kelly Crossley, owner of Transitainer WA, said items most likely to be in short supply were those made elsewhere and then shipped such as furniture, white goods, frozen foods, pet foods, toys and cars, among other items.

“If they’re not in the industry, people wouldn’t really stop to think where this item came from,” she said.

“But take a look around, there’s nothing really that’s made here or manufactured here – it’s all imported.”

She said while the situation was worsening, compounded by shipping diversions around the Red Sea and Panama Canal, she also cautioned against panic buying.

“If you’re looking at your Christmas shopping, don’t leave it until December 22 like I usually do because the stuff that you really want just literally might not be here,” she said.

“The next four to six weeks will tell, and if congestion eases up across Singapore, it might get a bit easier.”

As this masthead understands, large supermarket chains who rely largely on rail and road transport for imported goods and local sources for fresh produce such as diary and fruits and vegetables, will be less affected by the shipping delays.