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Janet Menzies – Dynamic Business

Country Manager, Amazon Australia

Let’s Talk: Sustainability as a customer magnet

Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainability initiatives not only for environmental stewardship but also for enhancing brand reputation and attracting customers. 

From eco-friendly practices to social responsibility commitments, implementing sustainability measures can have far-reaching benefits that resonate with consumers and stakeholders alike.

Let’s explore some key sustainability initiatives that can positively impact your brand reputation and draw in discerning customers seeking ethical and environmentally conscious products and services, in this week’s edition of Let’s Talk.

Janet Menzies, Country Manager Australia at Amazon

“We know our customers want right-sized, recyclable packaging that minimises waste and ensures damage-free delivery. Ultimately, the most sustainable form of packaging is no packaging at all, that’s why we started the “Ships in Product Packaging” program, which are products that ship without any additional Amazon packaging. The program qualifies products that have been thoroughly tested to ship in their original packaging, without any added Amazon packaging. One way we do this is by working with manufacturers to design packaging that’s capable of shipping safely, without additional paper bags, envelopes, or boxes from us. Our research found that more than half of online shoppers in Australia indicated they would be happy for the items they order to arrive without added delivery packaging because they think it’s better for the planet. We’ve shipped more than triple the number of orders to customers with no added delivery packaging in Australia since 2021 and are working to ship even more deliveries the same way. Where packaging is necessary, we use machine learning algorithms to help make smart packaging choices for customers, so that the packaging fits well, uses as little material as possible, and protects customers’ orders.”