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It’s time for business to step-up and lead us out of COVID

One of the greatest investments any business can make is in its reputation, brand perception, storytelling and the relationships with its stakeholders, clients, and media. This has never been truer than today, at a time when we question everything put in front of us and trust is low.

Pre-Covid-19 times the aforementioned PR investment was a financial transaction that amounted to anything between $4K – $15K per month but that doesn’t fly anymore. In most cases the old PR model is now ineffective, outdated and losing validity as a means of communication.

Generally, the investment consisted of a campaign of press releases and announcements to the market, media and the public that weren’t exactly ground-breaking. It would be a few ‘look at me moments’ and then an attempt to drive greater interest in the product or individual.

Today is all about what advice to you have that can help and support a struggling economy, society and individual. It’s not about you or your brand. You have heard this before but as often as you have heard this, it’s just as often ignored. Smart brands and businesses aren’t ignoring this any longer and are following the following five keys to communications success:

  1. Start telling your story the way the media and your audience wants it.
  2. Talk to your audience – focusing on your customer’s needs and wants.
  3. Make a connection with a real amplifier and media outlet pertaining to your industry. Now is the time to be targeted.
  4. Get real support and help from communicators and agencies that are engaged and have a finger on the pulse.
  5. Leaders of business and industry have a responsibility to deliver their opinions, positions and views proactively and not only reactively.

Some industry and business leaders are already following these simple guidelines. This is a call out to business owners – now you too must step up.

If you are a business owner, leader of industry or expert in your space, don’t wait to be asked for your opinion or for your advice on how to deal with an issue. Take the initiative and lead us out of COVID by being vocal with solutions. It’s your time to influence the future.

Nic Hayes, Managing Director of Media Stable. Australia’s leading directory of experts and content.

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