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Imogen van Haagen – Smart Company

Co-founder of Mud Organics

How MUD Organics turned ingestible skincare into a $3.2 million business in 18 months.

In an oversaturated beauty industry, the Perth-based founders of MUD Organics have carved out a profitable niche in the anti-ageing market. After less than 18 months in operation and with only three products in its range, the brand is forecast to earn $3.2 million this financial year.

Two of MUD’s co-founders, Imogen van Haagen and Wouter Sprujtenberg, chatted with SmartCompany Plus about how their ingestible skincare business has gained the trust of Australian women and retained them as customers.

Developing MUD Organics

When Covid-19 resulted in gym closures across Australia, Imogen van Haagen began seeking a new business venture. At that time, she was running a fitness business and a health coaching practice specialising in gut health. Understanding that her gym could be closed for some time and her capacity to help women was capped with her one-on-one offerings, she sought to expand her reach.

One of van Haagen’s employees, Courtney Thornton, came up with the idea to create an ingestible beauty product featuring fulvic acid…