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If you aren’t On Air you’re Off Air

Pretty simple isn’t it and to be honest you need to make every effort if you have desire to be a part of the media. It is a commitment that many will never understand as experts, as industry spokespeople, as people who are looking to make an impact from their sector or field of experience. The first rule for all that want to be in media is to be ‘awesome’. What does that mean? It means be the best you possibly can be. I mean even better than your best day.

Recently I hosted a podcast with two media industry juggernauts in James Lush and John Solvander on my weekly podcast Brand Newsroom. I wanted to get the feel and vibe from both a commercial and non-commercial media organisations and what they want from a story. The outcome was not so surprising in that both mediums want the best performers, the best experts and they want real communicators.

Real communicators are those that deliver well and understand the audience, talk their language, sympathise and connect with the age group, gender and socio-economics of the audience. This is the very basics for success and continual build of brand for anyone in media. Many times I have in the past when referencing working with the media it is like a game of tennis. You can get the racquet out on a semi-regular occasion and go for a hit but if you want to get better, take a step forward and improve your game you need to work on it. You need training, you need coaching and you need support.

The other area that will keep you off air is the lack of energy, direction, strategy and desire. Oh my I have just slapped you in the face haven’t I! Or have I?

Do you have the right mind-set to be in the media? If you do then we at Media stable want you to make yourself known to us. Very similar to the tennis coach we want to get the right media athletes, the right people to join our team to get the most from your opinion, your views and your message to take to the media. The media really does want you they just don’t know who you are.

Take charge of your media future. Don’t leave it to others but instead take control of your destiny. One of those ways is to make yourself available, make yourself known and give your experience and knowledge every chance. The minimum is take up an expert profile in Media Stable or get yourself down to #MeetTheMedia which will open the doors to success.

I want to see more On Air than Off Air for the real experts out there and if you need some training, some guidance or support make your first move and purchase a ticket to #MeetTheMedia. If you are unsure if you are the expert then you probably should go back to the pub or a place where you can keep letting those who you have been telling for years at BBQs, in the office or on social media how good you really are.

Real experts just need a trusted platform to launch their content and ideas from. It’s over to you now. Sign up as an Expert or come to #MeetTheMedia. The tennis ball is now in your court.

Game, set and match.

Written by Nic Hayes the managing director of Media Stable and media commentator.

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