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How to prepare for #MeetTheMedia

How to prepare for #MeetTheMedia 

The coming series of #MeetTheMedia events present a unique opportunity for all attendees and as we continually work to improve the mix of both media and experts.  We’re committed to making this the best event media connection event in the country.

When you attend #MeetTheMedia you will not only enjoy the experience but will walk away with concrete actionable items for your business – immediately and in the longer term. The value that this event holds, presents on many levels. First, the relationships you build with both media and the other experts attending is incredibly powerful. Second the lessons, ideas and direction presented in these events proves for many, to be invaluable. It allows you to stop doing the things that don’t work and helps you understand what the media wants and how they want it.

So what can you do as an attendee to make the most of this unique and special event that is #MeetTheMedia?

  1. Bring your energetic and best self – the media have regularly commented over the years that the quality of expert that attends #MeetTheMedia is nothing short of exceptional. The energy, the willingness to learn, the expertise and the stories that have been derived from these events is as much value to the media as it is to the experts delivering it. A smile and some passion in your delivery will work hugely in your favour.
  2. Business cards – believe me they work as part of your introduction to the media. They don’t get thrown out by the media and you will also get to meet some other amazing attendees that you will want to leave your contact details with.
  3. Books, marketing material – keep this limited and exclusive. During the event you will learn very quickly it is all about content, yarns and stories. While books do raise your value as experts, presenting books and marketing material can be a lot for the media to digest. Let your expertise and your content create the lasting impression for the media.
  4. Yarns and stories – this is a very powerful way to make an impact on media by being able to tell a ‘yarn’ or ‘story’ that the media will find valuable for their audience. Keep your story short and concise, have some facts and evidence to support the yarn and have an opinion or position. The media will be able to quickly determine if this is a story for them.
  5. Open mind – flexibility, be open to new ideas and new methods of communicating. Those who come to #MeetTheMedia that are willing to learn from media and other experts in the room, will gain the most in their development as experts in their space.
  6. Identify the media – before you sit down and pitch to a media representative, understand their program, the types of stories they run, and know their audience.  Make sure your story/yarn is a good fit for their program.

#MeetTheMedia is a wonderful opportunity for both media and experts.  The media thoroughly enjoy the chance to attend, with all of them walking away with the contact details of a new batch of expert talent who will be front of mind in the future and others with stories they’ll cover within in the next 24 hours.

By Nic Hayes, Managing Director, Media Stable.

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