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How to position yourself as an expert in the media.

How to position yourself as an expert in the media

So you’re thinking about getting into the media? You may already be an industry leader and now want to make a difference or spread a message, but you’re not sure where to start to make sure you’re ‘media-ready’ and make that impact on a larger scale. Putting yourself forward to act as a spokesperson or commentator might be intimidating, but it needn’t be. Here are four ways you can prepare yourself to be a media expert and maximise your chances of success in the media.

1.  Prepare your profile

Whether it be your Media Stable profile, your social media accounts or your business website – make sure your profile is ready for media attention. Understanding your personal brand is key – whether you are proactive in promoting it or not, we all have a personal brand. The basics are important – make sure you have a high-quality photo of yourself, a concise description of what you do and who you are, and up-to-date contact details are a must. Providing a summary of your key experience and qualifications is also key – highlight your most important skills and achievements to give a strong overall picture of your abilities.

2.  Know your message

One of the most critical factors in positioning yourself favourably for media is knowing what you want to say. This will vary – you may be a business owner, an industry spokesperson or an employee – but being able to clearly and succinctly convey your key messages is all about preparation. Asking yourself what difference you are trying to make or what idea you are trying to convey is a good start – then write down some bullet points that illustrate that. Statistics are always a great way to back up an opinion or strengthen a hypothesis – and fortunately these days, there is a study for almost anything! Just be ready to cite your source if the media ask.

3.  Put your hand up

It sounds obvious, but flagging your intentions to media is critical in gaining engagement. Being a Media Stable expert is a great start – but make sure you’re promoting this yourself as well. That could be through a Media page on your website, posting on LinkedIn when you get a media opportunity, or even including previous media experience in a direct pitch – but make sure the media knows you’re ready and willing to step forward. Every little bit counts!

4.  Stay informed

Staying on top of industry trends, and current news and affairs is key to optimising your chances in the media. The media is looking for experts that can provide up-to-date and useful commentary and insights to the average viewer, and most importantly they want to be able to provide pieces that are timely and relevant. You’re positioning yourself as a leader in your space, so being able to offer an interpretation on what’s going on in your industry in a relatable way will give you a great chance of getting engagement in the media – and being asked back.

By Lanna Hill, Talent Acquisition Manager, Media Stable.

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