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Gotta Gotta Gotta

Gotta Gotta Gotta

By Claudia Conley, Talent Aquisition, Media Stable.

I was lucky enough a couple of weeks ago to attend author and CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth’s book launch on Transcendental Meditation. Whilst I’m not a huge meditator myself, I did take away one key message from Bob’s chat, the “Gotta Gotta Gotta Mindset.” You know the one.

You’ve always gotta do something.

Gotta do this.

Gotta call her.

Gotta make a list.

Gotta find the list.

Gotta make a new list due to losing the old list.

There’s no stopping to the gotta mindset. And it got me thinking. Just like we work on our careers, our minds, our downward dog technique, our red-velvet recipe (mine needs a lot of work), as Media Stable members you’ve also gotta work on your media profiles and create content.

CONTENT sounds an awful lot like HOMEWORK.

One of the joys of our day-to-day work at The Stable is seeing our experts send through content on something exciting, engaging, fascinating or shocking happening in their area or industry. That joy only grows when our experts then share their stories on tv, radio, print, online or via podcast.  WE LOVE THAT.

Motivation and creativity ebbs and flows for all of us. If you’ve found that the ebb is a little stronger than the flow, here are some of my top tips to get your inspo back.

  1. Subscribe to Google Alerts for issues/topics in your field of expertise. You’ll be notified when a story breaks in the areas you have subscribed to. Whether you agree or disagree with the story, you’ll at least have an opinion. Scribble down 100 words and send it off to info@mediastable.com.au. Then let John and Suzi work their magic.
  2. Assign 15-30 minutes a week as your “Media Board Time” – this could be on your commute home from work or Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee.
  3. Always write things down – JK Rowling said she would always have paper on her in case an idea came to mind that she had scribble down. If she didn’t have any paper handy, she would use the next best thing – sometimes toilet paper and tissues!
  4. Get inspo from your workplace, colleagues, family, friends – if someone mentions a new trend/fad/Donald Trump tweet – use it to your advantage and think of a way that you can tie it in to your Media Board piece.

That sounds like just more to add to the list! Bob Roth spoke of how important it was in our busy lives of “gotta gotta gotta,” that we’ve also gotta take a break, to sit down and reflect. Writing for me is that break, it’s a great stress release. I challenge all of our Stable crew that in the next week to take 15 minutes break, forget the “gotta” and just write. You’ll be surprised by what you jot down.

Now I gotta get back to those emails.

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