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Go on… #MeetTheMedia

I often get asked why do you put on #MeetTheMedia an event where those that are looking to be in media get to meet those that make it happen? Why do you risk the attendees being able to do their own media? Why empower them to be able to communicate more effectively with media? Why give away the secret sauce? Why would you encourage them to meet the media and do it all on their own?

Yes please; that’s what we want to happen here. There needs to be more of these people wanting to do better and they can when they know what is required and what is going on in the media world. There is also plenty of those that want to do better and need help and support to make this happen so this is where we fit in.

There is no smoke and mirrors about what Media Stable does and how we deliver. It is based around the one thing that human beings do better than the rest of the living creatures on earth and that is ‘relationships’. Further to this, the most educated and informed expert and brand will always deliver better than those in the dark. Media Stable was designed to be able to deliver the best content, matched with experts and commentators that wanted to engage the media. If the talent and the content producers are more in tune with the way media consumes content they will have the advantage over those who don’t.

There is no secret sauce or intellectual property that we are hanging onto here. The asset that we have invested in is trust, reputation and quality. These elements can’t be bought, can’t be replicated but they can be earned and taught.

“When you have an informed expert, you get more informed content. This is a win for both media and the expert.”

Understanding the media cycle and the pressures that are on radio, television, newspapers, magazines and online media allows you to adapt and frame your pitch. It just improves the chances of it making it in the news and not in the scrap heap. So much has changed in recent years that communication practices of two years ago, can be completely redundant. Hearing from the media themselves what they do day-to-day gives you an edge. This should be the major motivation to get in the room full of media.

“Where else can you be in front of 6-8 key media decision makers in a room over a half day making real relationships that will serve you?”

The other elements of storytelling, audience, messaging, opinion and the like are incredibly important and never have they been so important in the communications game. It is these areas that need to be attended to for any personal or business brand to succeed and it is the major skillset and offering that Media Stable journalists and media personnel offer.

Information and education on how to communicate effectively today with media is not to be restricted or held back from those that want to improve their position. It should be encouraged and celebrated as everyone wins. Many insecure communication companies will not want to loosen the noose they have on their client but you might question their motives. Is it for their gain or their client’s gain?

Come along to a #MeetTheMedia event and see how it is done today. Don’t be told by others this is how it is done or how it used to be. Come and find out for yourself.

Book tickets for #MeetTheMedia by entering it into Eventbrite in your City. Sydney is SOLD OUT but Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne there are still tickets. There will be another Sydney event announced for August email tickets@mediastable.com.au to reserve seats to this in demand event.

Nicholas Hayes is the Managing Director of Media Stable and co-host of communications podcast Brand Newsroom

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