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Four Media Board tips from a long-term Media Stable expert

Gifting and Gift-Wrapping Expert, Vivienne Anthon, has been with Media Stable for the 6.5 years. She knows the Media Board process like the back of her hand and shares her four key observations that she believes, other experts, particularly those who haven’t been with the Stable long, might not know:

“In a world literally overflowing with heavy non-joyous news and events, my potentially (and thankfully) frivolous area of expertise adds a bit of fun and humour to the news cycle.”

  1. If you have something running on the Media Board you must be available when the call /email/ text comes through. Producers are moving at warp speed and it’s about them not you. Answer every call and be prepared to speak or interview at any hour of the night or day around different time zones, no matter how busy you think you are. Make sure you’re easy to work with.
  2. The Media Board really does work, and producers from the national networks to the regional and community stations, will often mention this when calling. Tangential to that, regional and community stations should never be discounted. We all want to crack the big time, but often these interviews are the best fun, the talkback is hilarious, you’re more likely to get accompanying social media, and the larger stations will pick you up if you have a strong interview. This is particularly true with the ABC.
  3. Have one or two segues up your sleeve when you’re being slotted in around heavy/breaking news. The radio talent will do this, but as an expert, we can’t be tone deaf to what’s happening out there. Some phrases that respect the audience and the moment as you begin are really important. You should take your subject matter but not yourself too seriously.
  4. Always say thank you for the opportunity – no one has to feature you and as my mother would always say “manners count”.

By Vivienne Anthon

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