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A fifth birthday is a significant moment for any business, and when you work in PR and media these days it is not just a moment, it is a milestone. The Media Stable journey has, and continues to be, a wonderful ride.

Since Media Stable has been in business we’ve seen the decline of some of the biggest PR and advertising agencies and we’ve watched the brutal but often necessary newsroom culls across the country. We’ve witnessed the explosion and some might say the implosion of social media. In the most recent era of “fake-news” we’ve almost come full circle and we’re starting to see audiences returning to more traditional media brands for authentic content; for news and comment they can trust.

Media Stable was an idea borne from a desire to service both the media and PR industries. The goal was to help build a bridge between the media and PR that was fractured by delivery methods, language, self-interested goals and attitudes. The relationship is still a little strained at times and there’s some mistrust between the two sides that lingers today. But I believe these two industries can work well together to serve all masters.

In the last 5 years we’ve seen an evolving and symbiotic relationship between the journalist and a PR consultant. Let’s break it down. They both tell stories for a living. They are both trying to express views and opinions in a well-constructed and intelligent way. Both are effective communicators, no matter their fields of expertise, whether it be radio, television, print or online. They both have an audience to deliver to and a master to answer to.  And now more than ever media needs PR as much as PR needs media. The once clear division between the two industries has been vastly eroded by the cold reality of depleted newsrooms and lightning quick news cycles.

What does that really all mean? In Media Stable’s case it offers the opportunity to provide good quality, timely and evergreen content on a daily basis from expert talent – 52 weeks a year.

The way brands and organisations communicate their messages has also been transformed. Not too long ago a company spokesperson (often an ex-journalist) would have been required to front the media to tell their story – in good and bad times.  Now, the buck stops with the leaders of organisations of all types and sizes and the organisation’s credibility rests solely upon them. It goes further than just toeing a company line or well-rehearsed marketing message.  More and more business leaders and experts are being called upon to comment on a much broader range of issues giving them the opportunity to position themselves not only as a cheerleader for their industry, but to become a go-to talent on a range of topics.

In response to these changes, Media Stable’s business has also transformed over the past five years. We’ve strengthened our relationships with all of the leading Australian media brands, we’ve broadened our Media Board reach to over 530 working Australian journalists, producers, broadcasters and storytellers. We have some of the country’s leading industry experts on our books and we’ve invested in improved technology and resources to spread our content.

We’re not certain what the next five years may hold or how the media landscape will evolve and transform but rest assured, we’re excited about the possibilities and we’re here for the long haul.

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