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Five takeaways from #MeetTheMedia 2017

Australia’s media delivered once again at this year’s round of #MeetTheMedia events. Those who attended were presented with a veritable gold mine of information and engagement and the amount of positive feedback from both media and attendees has been humbling.

The media representatives from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have all sent messages of gratitude. They were thankful for the opportunity to meet and engage with those that wish to engage them. It’s very rare for them to get the time and opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss content ideas with experts, brands and businesses. And they’ve been particularly impressed with the quality of attendees. The Project’s Chris Bendall, whose taken part in four #MeetTheMedia events, said this was by far the best cohort of experts and commentators he’d seen to date. Just this week, The Project used an expert they’d met at a previous #MeetTheMedia.

The attendees who heard from the media panels and took part in the media workshops have also relayed their gratitude and a real sense of opportunity and purpose after being able to make genuine connections with their target media. Retail behaviourist Bri Williams met Channel Seven News journalist Kristy Mayr at the Melbourne event and the next day featured in a national news story about Amazon that aired on Ch 7’s 4pm and 6pm bulletins. Several others from around the country also have stories underway as a result of connections forged at #MeetTheMedia.

Here are my five key takeaways from #MeetTheMedia 2017:

1. Don’t pitch the product or the service, pitch the story. All media unanimously agreed with this. Your opinion and views are your real currency and that’s what the media wants.

2. You aren’t courting the media, it’s a transaction that’s taking place. Alan Kohler coined this phrase at the Melbourne #MeetTheMedia and it resonates. It’s really helpful to remember that the relationship between you and the media isn’t a personal one – it’s business.

3. Each journalist, producer, editor or presenter has a preferred channel of contact and content delivery. Most like email – very few like a phone call. Others said a connection through social media was an attention-grabber for them. Sources like Media Stable’s Media Board and targeted media releases were preferred by all media.

4. Do your research on your target media. Attention to detail matters – make sure you address the correct person and get their name and title right. Failing at this first hurdle was a deal-breaker for many of the media although for all the yarn was the most important and if it was relevant, unique and relative these minor details would be overlooked.

5. Another unanimous message from all media across the country was to get straight to the point. You have a limited opportunity to get their attention, so don’t hide the lead in paragraph three. Put it in the subject line or headline.

And that closes another wonderful series of #MeetTheMedia. Welcome to the new members of Media Stable and well done to those who have renewed and extended their current membership profiles.

You’ve heard the messages and made the connections – now it’s time to put those messages into practice and have your story cut-through and make a real impact.

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