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Experience the magic at #MeetTheMedia

There’s nothing like the buzz of bringing together experts and media professionals face-to-face, which is why the team at Media Stable are delighted to finally be able to announce their first #MeetTheMedia events in two years.

The pandemic made it almost impossible to do live events, but now the shackles are off, the borders are open, and the Media Stable team are hitting the road.

Two small scale events in Perth and Sydney over the past month have been enormously successful for both the media and those looking to engage with it.

For the past six years I’ve been putting together these media introduction and education events across the country, and I believe there’s never been a more important time to understand the current media cycle. It is a very different media world today compared to the pre-pandemic times of March 2020. And there is much to learn.

The #MeetTheMedia program is an opportunity for business leaders, business owners and experts from all fields to meet the decision makers of media. To understand what the media needs, what they look for in a story, what gets their attention and more importantly what doesn’t. We also ask the big questions: do the media look at media releases? Do they have time? The varied responses we always get to this from different media outlets on radio, television, print and online media will help inform you.

In our hectic world, there’s very few places where you can meet nine key media personnel across a wide section of programs in half a day. They also get to meet you, engage with you, and hear your stories. The magic of #MeetTheMedia is that both experts and media are keen to meet one other. For the media in attendance, it’s the possible discovery of new talent, spokespersons, yarns and content. For the experts it’s a chance to present their expertise, pitch a story, and meet other experts to align with.

With many experts and commentators taking a rest during the pandemic, there’s now a sense of new beginnings and opportunity. The playing field is open for those that might have struggled to get media attention in the past, and it’s now less crowded and full of new media contacts.

Relationships between the media and experts is so critical. The media are looking for good ‘media assets’ that they can trust, rely on to deliver quality content and be available when required. Experts should be looking to put their hand up to media to provide commentary, opinion and views on matters as they arise or to inject them into the media when needed.

The #MeetTheMedia program is the perfect connection point for both media and experts.

There’s time to get to know each other, albeit brief and this cannot be underestimated as a means to being successful in the media. Like anything in business, the more you understand what’s required to win the account the better you will perform. Working with media is no exception.

One of our media friends described the recent Perth #MeetTheMedia event as “better than speed dating!” because of the plethora of stories and talent she’d been exposed to. She’s not wrong. Come and experience the magic for yourself.

#MeetTheMedia 2022 Dates

Melbourne: Tuesday, 25 October @ The Park Melbourne from 8.30am to 1pm

Sydney: Thursday, 27 October @ Rydges World Square from 8.30am to 1pm

Adelaide: Tuesday, 15 November @ Adelaide Oval from 8.30am to 1pm

Perth: Friday, 25 November @ The Australian Institute of Management WA from 8.30am to 1pm (tickets on sale soon)


Nic Hayes, Managing Director, Media Stable

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