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Dr. Marjorie Collins – 2GB

Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist, President Institute of Clinical Psychologists

Government ignores science by cutting psychology services

Psychiatrists are in short supply in Australia, and there are desperately long waiting times to see one, as a number have closed their books and are no longer taking new patients.

Additionally, regional areas are dealing with a severe shortage of psychiatrists and bulk billing is uncommon.

Yet there is no suggestion to reduce Medicare rebated sessions for psychiatry from 50 per annum to 25, just to get more Australians treated, nor should there be.

Luke is joined by Dr Marjorie Collins, Clinical Psychologist, President of the Institute of Clinical Psychologists, who says all these principles apply to psychology, yet the government seems hellbent on ignoring the science by cutting funded psychology sessions back to the pre-pandemic maximum of 10.

“We cannot adequately treat people with 10 sessions, other than the mildest of cases”, says Dr Collins.

“Halving rebated Medicare sessions will not create greater equity of access, it will simply mean less people get adequate treatment and disadvantage those with less capacity to pay.”