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Debbie Rivers – LAFM

Dating/Relationship Expert

What’s the most attractive trait in dating according to singles.

One online dating site surveyed 2000 singles recently and asked them “What was the most attractive trait in dating?” Is it looks, physical attraction, education, height, an awesome sense of humour, or having an amazing job? No, the survey found a much more important factor and that was conversation. Who would have thought that conversation would have beat physical attraction? 74% of singles said meaningful conversations were the key to a healthy relationship, and the first conversation is critical, especially in the online world. 83% of singles found someone less attractive after talking to them, but the good news is that 87% of singles found someone more attractive after talking to them. This is great news because it’s something that you have control over and something you can work on. Debbie Rivers – Dating & Relationship Expert joined me on The Drive Home.