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Craig Johns – Dynamic Business

CEO & Managing Partner of Speakers Institute Corporate

What makes your workplace truly inviting for employees?

A conducive workplace culture plays a crucial role in the prosperity of any organization. The ultimate result is heightened efficiency, improved employee involvement, and greater financial gains.

Therefore, it’s essential to establish a culture that encourages employee growth and acknowledges their input. Recognizing that workplace culture encompasses both employee conduct and the company’s principles is crucial.

In this week’s instalment of Let’s Talk, we asked our specialists about strategies for nurturing a work culture that actively involves employees.

Let’s Talk.

Craig Johns, CEO & Managing Partner at Speakers Corporate Institute

Craig Johns
Craig Johns, CEO & Managing Partner at Speakers Corporate Institute

“Employee engagement starts with people, people are our greatest priority. Focus on people first before the physical environment or external engagement strategies.

“Create an eco-system not an ego-system. Develop people’s self-worth, and the collective worth of the team. Developing only collective worth leads to low self-confidence, belief and importance. Developing only self-worth risks people becoming self-centred, egotistical and competing versus collaborating.

“Understand employees individually and collectively by focusing on what is right with people, rather than what is wrong with people. What are people’s strengths and how do all employees’ strengths complement each other?

“Inspire a culture of nurturing rising talent where people feel safe and the permission to provide both positive reinforcement and sharing areas of improvement with each other on a daily basis.

“Create a culture where it is encouraged, accepted and expected that people speak up when they feel uncomfortable, unsure or want to share a different perspective. Have courageous conversations not confrontations.

“Ensure employees have the confidence and belief that no matter what, they will be ok and the company always has their back. With this foundation of trust and respect, people experience joy, feel valued for their contribution and find fulfilment in working together.”