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Craig Cherry – 2GB

Customer Loyalty expert

Why girls make the best kebabs.

Bill Woods talks to Craig Cherry, Customer Loyalty Expert, about the vexing question of whether girls make the best kebabs?

A recent kebab shop job ad looking for ‘girls only’ to take orders and look after the front has caused an uproar.  When asked why, the owner said, “Girls are more gentle and talk more friendly.”

“As someone whose employees are all female and have been for years, and who works in the customer service and people fields, I’m not surprised”, says Mr Cherry.

A number of gender studies indicate that women in the general population obtain higher scores than men on self-reported measures of empathy with one Thomas Jefferson University study saying that women have a greater capacity for social relationship than men.

They often begin showing more sensitivity to social stimuli and emotional signals and demonstrate more care-oriented qualities at an early age.

So, while advertising for a specific gender could be seen as discriminatory, in customer service, strong soft skills are a must, and girls have them in spades.