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Coffee, cake and a good yarn with the right people can change the way you do business.

Coffee, cake and a good yarn with the right people can change the way you do business.

By Claudia Conley, Talent Acquisition at Media Stable.

It is not every day you get to sit down and have a coffee with Australia’s leading media professionals. With thousands of emails flooding producers’ inboxes every day; getting yourself noticed by the media can be difficult, time consuming and disheartening. At Media Stable, our diaries are full to the brim with coffee dates with Australia’s finest in news and media.

At Media Stable we make connecting with the Australian media easy work. Media Stable is the direct channel to help experts share their stories and expertise with the Australian media and our annual event “#MeetTheMedia” is soon approaching, allowing you to do just that.

#MeetTheMedia” is the highlight of our working year. It brings together Australia’s leading media professionals (including mavens from Sunrise, The Today Show, Studio 10, 3AW, The Australian Financial Review, The Guardian, Channel Seven and Nine News) with an eclectic audience of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and game changers. They converse, give counsel, swap quality yarns and create relationships that will ultimately put audience members above their competitors to start getting coverage in the media. It also provides the media with some incredible content to then develop and report on. As stated by an attendee from last year “when you have an informed expert, you get more informed content. This is a win for both media and the expert.”

The key takeaway from last year’s “#MeetTheMedia” was the importance of pitching a story with a top-quality expert, rather than a product or service. This gives the story authenticity and an uplift that is lacking if solely a product is pitched. The media in the room also stressed how vital it was for a pitch to stand out. Simple skills such as ensuring your email is addressed to the correct person and that your pitch gets to the point straight away were iterated as key elements in gaining a producer’s attention.

The world is changing at an accelerating pace; what was on trend a year ago is now old hat. This change is even more evident in the media – particularly in the way media is delivered and consumed. “#MeetTheMedia” provides audience members with the opportunity to listen to the media and hear what they need from experts, which ultimately gives attendees an unbelievable edge in becoming the go-to expert in their field. Who knew a coffee could do that?


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