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Brenda Keane – Triple M Radio

Designer & Founder, Be Keane Healthy & Fit

Yes, sport should be compulsory in schools, but it isn’t accurate or scientifically proven that all ‘fat kids’ will become ‘fat adults’. We should look at all the benefits of exercise and not label our kids as fat as an excuse to need exercise! Sport is a foundation for good habits. It’s good for our general health, our hearts, our blood pressure, stopping the onset of diabetes and our mental health. So, why would we not want to instil healthy habits in our children? But the notion that exercise is only for losing weight is not correct. Sports should be compulsory to keep our bodies healthy – skinny does not mean healthy! It’s imperative that we stop using being ‘fat’ as a reason for why we are not healthy, not exercising, and not growing into healthy adults. We must encourage exercise for all its benefits.
Stephen spoke to Brenda Keane, Designer & Founder of Be Keane Healthy and Fit