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How to grow a powerful professional profile online

Growing a powerful professional profile online requires a combination of self-promotion, dedication and genuine engagement. If done consistently, it can be a leading trust accelerator in your career.

It’s also cost-effective. It is relatively easy to stand out from your competitors without spending a fortune. If you choose platforms where you are not going to be “diluted” by the competition, use video creatively and post consistently to encourage engagement.

The first thing you should do is dissect who your ideal client is and where they may spend some of their time online. There are a few platforms to choose from, including LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. Initially, you should test a few platforms and see where you’re getting traction — either in the form of engagement and/or leads.

I focus on two, LinkedIn and YouTube, which have been the most successful in building a referral network that consistently brings me more leads than I can manage.

On LinkedIn, the leads come from buyers’ agents, industry colleagues who refer, settlement agents and finance brokers. On YouTube, my videos strike a chord with investors who are in the process of purchasing their first investment property. I tailor my content on each platform specifically to target these two different groups.

Here are my top five tips for building a professional profile online that will get results:

  1. Educational content is king in 2023. When people are looking to make a major purchase, like an investment property, they typically do lots of research before making a commitment. If you are providing up-to-date, easily understood, and digestible educational content and are consistently “seen”, you will be the one they call first.
  1. Content is something that you might find easy — like I do — or you may find difficult. If you’re really struggling, consider using a marketing and content creation business that can provide content for you. If you are a natural, or even if you are not, pay attention to the regular questions you get asked or emailed every day. Write them down and create a post or record a video answering these questions. That way, you know your content is relevant and will hit your target market.
  1. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and presented professionally. Ensure it reflects your current professional experience and range of skills, and importantly, display your contact details prominently so that people can easily find a mobile number and email address for you.
  1. Building an online human connection is one of the quickest ways to build trust and be known as an expert in your field, and this means that people need to see you. Video is the obvious option, but if you’re camera shy, invest in some professional lifestyle photos. Make sure you update them every couple of years to keep them fresh and engaging.
  1. Lastly, get visible and grow your professional network by attending industry events, conferences or webinars and staying up-to-date on the latest trends, industry news and views.

When creating a strong personal brand, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Being the same in person as you are online will help you connect with people quickly and authentically. People buy from people.

Ashleigh Goodchild is a director at SOCO Realty and a property management specialist