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Are you ready to work with media?

It is a question that challenges many business owners and subject matter experts from all fields – are you really ready to work with the media? When considering putting yourself forward as an expert in the media, imposter syndrome can set in. It is primarily driven by low confidence levels, and self-confidence can be low for many reasons, especially when it comes to working with the media. Doubt and the Imposter Syndrome can cripple the individual from taking charge of their rightful position as a commentator for media.

So how do you know if you are media ready? There is a short questionnaire that you can do to affirm your thoughts on how media ready you are. The survey is based on four criteria that must be covered for you to effectively and successfully work with the media.

Take the three-minute Media Ready questionnaire here and we will deliver you the results.

The Four Areas:

Subject – While this might be obvious there are surprisingly a lot of experts who are present in the media who are not subject matter experts. They might be across their subject but not necessarily the best commentator on the subject. There are those who have practical expertise and those who have theoretical expertise. There is a place for both but theoretical experts like academics tend to be overused in media and there is a real need for the practical expert, the expert who has been in the trenches of business and real-life experiences.

Desire – The desire to share your expertise is key to finding success as a media expert. You want to be the go-to person when it comes to your field but you also have to give the media a reason to come to you. It’s a two-way highway this media game. The people who do get called upon are always ready, willing and they pick up the phone. Always pick up the phone. If you have ever asked the question – “Why don’t they call on me for my opinion?” – then you have the desire to be there. The next question is: “What are you prepared to do to make this happen?” This is where desire is the fuel to your successful media engine. Without it you are not going to go anywhere but with it, you can go far.

Organisation – You need to be organised in order to show your credibility and experience as an expert. If you have a website and a visible profile online then you are ready. The minimum for any successful expert commentator is a website that has everything in order. The next phase is your social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, where you have a track record of engagement and contribution. It’s great to be in traditional media but it is even better when the audience you reach through traditional can join your social audience by subscribing to a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. The newsletter is one of the best tools, because you own the platform.

Confidence – Your confidence in your own expertise and skill as a commentator is the greatest hurdle for any person to enter the world of media. It’s a fear of the unknown and it might even be a fear of success. Not knowing is the shackle that keeps most of the thoughts, opinions and views of prospective authorities, subject matter experts and the quality commentators from engaging media. The whole drive behind putting together the very successful #MeetTheMedia programs at Media Stable is not just to give connections to media for those who attend but to build confidence that the people behind media are just that, people! The other great challenge to confidence is understanding the way media works and operates. When you know how media works you are naturally empowered. Media Stable’s whole program is centred around empowering and educating you on how the media cycle works.

The question you ultimately want to ask yourself is not, ‘Am I ready?’ It’s, ‘Do I have something to say? Do I want to be a participant and contributor to the media?’ If the answer is yes, then you are a lot closer than you think. The next stage is figuring out where to launch from and that truly is your greatest challenge in the world of communications. There are means to do this and you need to explore the world of public relations. If you have the desire, organisation and confidence, then Media Stable is a real option.

You need to take control of your message, your goals, your aspirations and you can. When you realise and know that it is you that the media is looking for, and the problem is the media just don’t know who you are, it is then that you can really make a play to be the expert the media calls on.

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