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Antony DiMase – 2GB

Architect, Design & Sustainability Advocate

Rethinking how and where we build houses.

Housing people is a health issue, an environmental concern, and can be a financial burden for many people.  Interest rate hikes, supply chain woes, and rising construction and energy costs, all add up.

Australia’s single dwelling houses – typically in the suburbs and regions – are amongst the biggest per person in the world.

But how much ‘house’ do we actually need?  Bigger houses come with bigger problems.  They have little light and are less healthy places to live.  They’re being built in new estates, removed from public transport and community, and they have less garden space.

So, what’s the solution?

Bill Woods is joined by Antony DiMase, Architect, Design & Sustainability Advocate, who says we must start thinking about smaller dwelling footprints with sustainable design features and the fostering of local communities.

It’s time to prioritise healthy homes with fresh air and sunlight to foster better outcomes for people’s health and wellbeing.

Good design can no longer be thought of as a luxury.