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Retired Perth school teacher tells of his lucrative side hustle

A retired school teacher from Perth has shared his secret to retirement success as he earns hundreds of dollars on the side each week.
Paul Iredale, 72, has found a unique way to supplement his retirement income.
He has joined the growing community of Amazon Flex drivers in Perth, delivering packages to customers across the city.
“It’s really enjoyable,” Iredale said.
“You go out, you see the countryside. It gets me away from underneath the wife’s feet.”
The job provides him with a sense of purpose and keeps him active.
“It keeps me busy, keeps my mind busy, I feel I’m doing something worthwhile,” he adds.
Iredale has just delivered his 5000th package with Amazon Flex.
His story highlights a growing trend among retirees who are seeking part-time or casual work to supplement their income and stay connected to the community.
Becoming an Amazon Flex driver is a straightforward process.
Anyone with a valid driver’s license and a car can sign up.
The job offers a flexible schedule, allowing drivers to choose their own delivery blocks.
For a four-hour delivery block, drivers can earn at least $114.
By committing to one block per week, drivers can earn approximately $6000 annually.
“The great thing about Amazon Flex is you can be your own boss and deliver from a delivery schedule of your choice,” Amazon Logistics Country Lead Tim Coventry said.