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Aden Michielsen – LAFM

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Expert

A quick Google search for ‘Bitcoin’ reveals headlines from CNBC to Fortune Magazine, asking whether or not Bitcoin can come out of its price slump: but the stories around Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain really miss the point. This trend, like most major technological trends, is about all the incredible possibilities to revolutionise entire industries. The internet went through a similar progression. Early on, around 30 years ago, it was an exciting curiosity that few people had even heard of. Current day, there are a handful of entrepreneurs who are applying crypto technologies to solve real challenges, with the support of the investors who are backing them. But what exactly is blockchain and how is it the technological foundation of all cryptocurrencies? Where are these disruptive technologies taking us and how has blockchain now entered the mainstream? Aden Michielsen – Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Expert joined me on The Drive Home to discuss Bitcoin.