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A quick note of thanks

A quick note of thanks.

By Emily Morgan, Media Engagement Manager, Media Stable.

As I ready myself to leave the Media Stable nest this week, I’ve got to thinking about how much I’ve learnt from and enjoyed working with our experts and the media in the last couple of years.

It’s still such a thrill to help an expert come up with an idea, write it and then see it take on a life of its own in media. Seeing our experts on programs like The Project and Sunrise and hearing them on the highest rating radio programs around the country is such a tangible reward for the work we do. I’ve loved sub-editing and finessing the prose of our experts and then seeing them up in lights.

The genuine appreciation and thanks from our down-to-earth experts has been one of the best parts of the job for me. Good people with good stories deserve good media, and it’s been so fun to be a part of it and to help them have their time in the media spotlight.

Getting a pass to pick the brains of so many people from across industries through our mentoring and guidance programs has also been great. I’ll miss learning about such a broad spectrum of topics – from hearing aid technology to Mrs Australia, travel guides with the Lonely Planet team to all parts of the law and business strategists, it’s been so great to listen to leaders of their fields wax lyrical.

Now without getting too gushy… the team at Media Stable has been such fun to work with and I’ll miss being a part of it day to day. I’ve loved working with Nic after knowing him years prior, and the trust he’s placed in me to work remotely from Hong Kong has been really valuable. There’s plenty of talk about digital nomads and workplace flexibility, but Nic and the MS team have walked the walk on that one. I reckon it just goes to show that MS is flexible and adaptable, to media and more generally.

There’s no better behind-the-scenes media team than the one at Media Stable, so when I say goodbye here’s hoping it’s more of a bye for now.

As Nic would say, have a great week in media….

Thanks so much.


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