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Tony Eades – 2GB

Brand Futurist

Michael speaks with Tony Eades, Chief Strategy Officer at Salted Stone & Brand Futurist, about Australia heading towards being a cashless society.

Measured by the number of card transactions each year, Australia is supposed to be the sixth-most cashless society on earth, yet the RBA hedges its bets on a new $20 note.

The new Australian $20 note has been released into circulation which features useful additions including increased tactility for the vision-impaired and better anti-counterfeit security – but did we really need the kookaburra, whose wings move up and down as you tilt the banknote?

With train commuters now boarding via their bank cards, charities rolling out tap and go donation machines and meat pies bought on debit in school canteens, was this really a good use of money?

Is the cashless future here?