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Sarah Rusbatch –

Grey Area Drinking” Coach, Speaker and Founder of Free Spirit Drink Co.

‘Your sex life will change.’ I’m 1000 days sober. Here are 7 surprising things I’ve learned.

I still can’t believe as I write this that I’ve reached this milestone.

That this party girl from the north of England who grew up in a culture where you matched the lads pint for pint, worked hard and played harder, moved to Australia with young kids and fell hard into the ‘mummy wine culture’ habit, has now reached 1000 days alcohol free.

What started out as 21 days to ‘reset’ my alcohol consumption, give my liver a rest and prove to myself that I couldn’t possibly ‘have a problem’, turned into 100 days, turned into a year and then two and now here I am.

1000 days in and life couldn’t look more different.