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Sam Trattles – The House of Wellness Spring Magazine


Now we’re talking – article in the House of Wellness spring magazine, featuring  Sam Trattles.

“When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone,” wellness and success coach Georgia Bamber asks. “And by conversation I mean a two-way interaction where you were open to exploring the topic at hand, rather than airing your own views and opinions? Using this criteria, there’s a high probability that for most people it was a while ago,” she says. It’s an interesting question and one increasingly being asked in a world where technology, not to mention a global pandemic, is slowly slaying our ability to converse. And it’s costing us dearly, negotiation expert Sam Trattles says. “We’ve become keyboard warriors,” the author of I Love Negotiating says. “People are so interesting, but with so many of our relationships through text or email, we’re missing out on this wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better.” Psychologist Briony Leo, from relationship wellness app Relish, says we lose a powerful social tool without face-to-face interaction. “In terms of relationships, what we see is a gradual distancing and a loss of closeness,” Briony explains. “In our recent Relationship Health Survey, a large proportion of people said they felt ignored and rejected by their partner due to their mobile phone use. “Face-to-face interactions are the most natural and most rewarding of all social interactions. They allow us to connect with others, open up, process how we’re feeling, share our experiences.”

House of Wellness Spring Magazine