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Merinda Garrett – LAFM

Interior Architect, Yoga Teacher & Founder of The Soulfull Home

Transforming heritage listed properties into soulful homes Heritage listed properties are a super-hot commodity. So, what do these buildings mean for the average inner-city home owner? Whilst there is plenty said about the financial and structural pitfalls of renovating a period house, real estate agents are quick to invite interest to a ‘renovators delight’ without sharing the real gifts of transforming a historically significant ‘fixer-upper’ into a soulful and meaningful home. With the right advice, you’ll be well prepared to reinvigorate the historical integrity of your project, problem-solving any restrictions with clever, original and meaningful design solutions. Often, the most successful and soulful designs are born out of the tenacity of the client and the project team (Interior Designer/Architect/Building Surveyor) to serve and honour the building by preserving the history and context of its origin. Merinda Garrett who is a Interior Architect and Founder of The SoulFull Home, joined me on The Drive Home to discuss this topic.