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Lezly D’Limi – The New Daily

Workforce Mobilisation Expert | Founding Director at talentko

Weighing up the counter-offer.

Counter-offers are flying in today’s abundant job market. With so many positions unfilled – 423,500, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics – the war for talent is firing up.

Traditionally counter-offers have focused on increased salaries and financial incentives such as bonuses. But since the pandemic, workers are increasingly looking for offers to satisfy work-life balance priorities.

“It’s not all about money,” said Lezly D’Limi from recruitment firm talentko.

“Money helps, but a lot of people at the moment will want work from home options and in some circumstances some people may want to work a four-day week rather than getting a pay rise.

“Employers have to think of those types of offers as well. Not everyone can afford to put $10,000 or $20,000 on people’s salaries, but they can manage people working less and getting paid the same because a lot of people are looking at lifestyle.”