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Korum Ellis – The Australian Financial Review, 6PR & Australian Aviation


Western Australia’s aviation industry is set for a green shake-up.

FlyOnE CEO Korum Ellis told the Millsy at Midday program his WA electric aviation start-up was hoping to change the way West Australians fly as early as March.

The Perth tech entrepreneur had 28 five-seater electric passenger aircraft already on order and planned to target the personal transport, recreation, agricultural and tourism sectors.

“We’ve established an operating flight school that’s geared up to train people to fly electric aircraft,” he said.

“They are approximately 30-50 per cent quieter than normal aircraft, and inside the cabin as well.

The company’s first electric aircraft was due to arrive on March 20, which will shuttle back and forth from Rottnest, initially for private recreational purposes.

“There’s probably easier ways to make a buck, every week big barriers bounce up in front of us,” Mr Ellis told Steve Mills