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Karen Finch – ABC Radio Newcastle

Founder and CEO of Legally Yours Pty Ltd

ABC Radio Newcastle Mornings with Kia Handley Interview with Karen Finch.

Traditionally, for people living in regional or rural, remote areas of Australia, connecting with a lawyer can mean travelling several hours to the nearest country town or having a limited number of lawyers to access for their legal needs. However, with the rise of the virtual lawyer and their provision of virtual legal services over the last 5 years, accessing justice has become geographically agnostic.

With the adoption of legal technology and the implementation of legal tech tools, regional and rural Australians can now access the best, most experienced lawyers for their legal needs, rather than just the lawyer who happens to be located in the nearest town.

In this ABC Radio Newcastle interview, Kia Handley from the Morning show interviews Legally Yours, Karen Finch, CEO to learn more.

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