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Karalee enjoys helping people to build the skills and confidence they need to deliver their message professionally, clearly and concisely across all media platforms. A senior media trainer for 15 years, Karalee heads up the Perth office of Corporate Media Services. Karalee provides personalised, inspirational and comprehensive consulting advice to listed companies, not-for-profits and key executives.
As a Western Australian local she recognizes the uniqueness of our local market. She has trained hundreds of clients who have achieved the results and success they wanted in media.
If you are enthusiastic, believe in yourself and your products, Karalee will help give you the professional edge to confidently and effectively deliver your message so you can cut through the crowded media landscape.


Karalee is currently a commentator on Radio 6PR and Sky TV News Australia, and a regular columnist for The Spectator Australia. Karalee is an award-winning journalist who has worked across Australia's mainstream TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online for the past 25 years. She has been a specialist TV news reporter and presenter for Channel 7 Melbourne, Channel 9, WIN TV and was Melbourne Bureau Chief for SBS TV World News Australia.
At Corporate Media Services she has trained senior executives in corporate, government and not-for-profit roles. Her media and presentation skills courses and her ongoing advice ensures clients can remain remained engaged and relevant in the ever-changing media world.

Media training services offered:

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Online
  • Presentation
  • Editorial


Our Courses are offered as half-day, full-day or multi-day programs. Prices vary depending on time, number of personnel and equipment required.

Reviews and Recommendations:

Client confidentiality remains paramount. Our our website provides load of testimonials from delighted clients Australiawide such as Police, Fire Brigades, State Emergency Services, Government & Legal Services, Health & Medical Services, Not for Profits, Small Business, CEO's etc.
"Karalee is an exceptional trainer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has helped myself and organisation beyond anything we could have imagined. Corporate Media Services has made sure that my team and I learned so much and feel confident next time we need to front the media to deliver our message. Thank you so much."
"Relevant, well paced, thorough program, appropriately tailored," Saul Eslake, Program Director Productivity Growth- Grattan Institute.