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Julian Pace – 6PR

Happiness ambassador. Transformational Speaker

How to chat to your kids about car safety as schoolies approaches.

Schoolies is fast approaching, and with that parents will be looking to have conversations with their kids about being safe.

Julian Pace from the Happiness Co told Millsy he worked with 20,000 students from year 10 – 12 on the fatal five this year.

“That fatal five is speeding, intoxication, not wearing a seatbelt, fatigue and distraction,” he said on 6PR Afternoons.

“They’re the things we really want parents to have a conversation about.

“But more importantly, self esteem … so when they’re met with a moment of jumping behind the wheel when they’ve been drinking … they actually really know how to say no and being brave enough to step up for themselves.”

“A great technique to give your teenager that’s heading off is that have that conversation, and really encourage that self-esteem, is really enforce the trust.”