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I did struggle a little when interviewing Narelle Fraser for The Experts podcast as I have always had deep admiration and respect for the work of  our men and women in blue.

The journey for every police officer is a difficult one. The immense stress, physical and particularly mental can reach boiling point. What Narelle Fraser has seen and done no human being should have to endure.  As a survivor, Narelle is now an advocate for the mental health of police officers and those who succumb to PTSD  in their workplace.

I very rarely call anyone a hero but it took a hero to jump in the boot of the car with the decomposing body of Maria Korp in 2005 to check  to see if there were still signs of life.  That was Narelle…

To all police officers, thank you for the job you do…. I don’t think we say it often enough.

I hope you are inspired by Narelle as much as I am.


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