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Episode 4 – Steve Sammartino

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Steve Sammartino’s energy and passion for the future hits you like a bus.

He’s a futurist at the top of his game and he’s always fascinating to listen to….What does our future hold and what might be in store for us in terms of work, our community and society in general?  Steve answers these questions with his trademark enthusiasm for technology,  front and centre.

I’m particularly impressed with Steve’s persistence in working on, and refining his content. Great content will always get you asked back and that’s why and how he’s become a sought after regular on commercial and non-commercial media. Plus, he’s soon to be popping up on Qantas Radio’s Talking Business with Alan Kohler – a long-time media goal of Steve’s.

Enjoy this ten minute window, looking at the journey of an expert who’s well and truly making his mark in the media.

Best in media, Nic


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