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Episode 3 – Melissa Ferrari

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Melissa is a leading Relational Psychotherapy, Relationship Therapy and Coaching expert with over 20 years experience in helping people live more fulfilling and happy lives.

One of my favourite people is Melissa Ferrari, a relationship expert that I was introduced to a few years ago and I adore catching up with her. You can’t help but feel a warm glow when speaking to Melissa, it’s like that second glass of red in front of a roaring fire on a dark and cold night.

This warmth and genuine character that Melissa was always going to be popular with media. We knew this from the start, when my colleague Randal discovered Melissa, and what a talent she has been. Radio and television are her platforms and there aren’t many that do it better.

The one thing I do want to share about this special lady. At the first #MeetTheMedia session we did in Sydney Melissa helped out a producer of a popular television program feel comfortable. It was Melissa’s observations and comfort that a media friendship was forged. Genuine and authentic is what you get with this lady and it is a wonderful lesson for all looking to work with media.

I think you can work out from my chat with Melissa that I enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

Nic Hayes, host of podcast The Experts and Managing Director of Media Stable


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