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Episode 1 – Gerald Quigley

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Gerald Quigley is one of the best known experts in the country. A pharmacist and a herbalist, he has been on radio almost as long as I have been listening.

Gerald learned very early on what it took to be an expert and what media was looking for from him. And he soon discovered that having a media profile was going to work in his favour as an influencer in his sector. What is really impressive, is that his energy and desire to do good has never waned, despite the significant amount of time he has devoted to media over the years. He is dedicated to making a difference and it comes across in his media engagements. For anyone looking to make it in media, Gerald is a textbook example of how to succeed and he was an obvious choice to kick off Episode 1 of The Experts podcast.

Nic Hayes, Managing Director of Media Stable and host of The Experts Podcast

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